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You're Welcome!

To the Editor:

Thanks for another perfect, loony, liberal, lefty edition after the primary ("Primary Colors," February 5th issue). A total screaming success from cover to cover. One big, huge, anti-Bush rant. Just what we'd expect from the Flyer.

But please assign someone to keep tabs on your man Jackson Baker. After spending time in the same small room with two super-intelligent, glib, and handsome lefties like Kerry and Ford, Baker could be forgiven for orgasming himself into some mental fantasies, but Kerry the "Democratic nominee and likely president"? Somebody give the boy a white-wine spritzer and a time-out from the dance floor.

Mike Crone

Piperton, Tennessee

It's All About Tim

To the Editor:

It truly amazes me when a columnist whose main subject matter is the local club scene thinks he has a political opinion that we should all respect. It's like listening to your dentist tell you how to vote! Tim Sampson's latest drivel (We Recommend, February 12th issue) states that he "would rather have [his] tongue bitten out by Charles Manson" than watch an interview with George Bush. Sampson then brilliantly adds that he would vote for Charles Manson if he were the Democratic nominee this fall.

I truly hope that he is in the smallest minority. Brave people, including the president, are only trying to protect us, including Sampson's wimp-ass. He can call people "liars," but he doesn't know the truth.

He can foolishly place his safety in the hands of the United Nations, which had 12 years to protect us and instead gave us 9/11. However, the rest of us are glad that someone stronger than Sampson is standing up against the evil ones who would do us harm. Sampson can take sides with Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and other terrorists around the world and vote for Manson or John Kerry, but my vote will be for George Bush, the man whom they most fear.

Rick Sneed


Gigantic Hypocrite?

To the Editor:

Martin Aussenberg's letter (February 12th issue) referring to John Kerry as "either terribly confused or a gigantic hypocrite" boggles the mind. Every veteran, especially from Vietnam, should be deeply offended at this smear. It brings to mind the way veterans were treated in this country upon returning from that horrible war.

As for the assertion that Kerry should have been a conscientious objector, Aussenberg seems to have missed the fact that Kerry protested the war after returning. Apparently, Aussenberg is either confused about what he read or he didn't read past the first paragraph of Keith English's letter. Let's just hope he doesn't have to take one of Dubya's precious standardized reading-comprehension tests anytime soon.

While I did not support Kerry in the primary, I will support him if he is the nominee. While I hold the utmost respect for all veterans, I also have a lot of respect for anyone who had the nerve to protest the Vietnam War, especially if that person was actually there.

C.W. Nash


He runs like a girl?

To the Editor:

In regard to Chris Herrington's column about Pau Gasol ("Macho Ado About Pau," February 12th issue): It should be noted that the Grizzlies have won a record number of games with Gasol as leading scorer and are headed for the NBA playoffs.

Gasol stays healthy, avoids steroids, speaks his second language fluently, and scores more than any of the other players on the team. Any problem that fans have with Gasol reflects badly on the fans, not Pau. Gasol shows respect for the NBA and its fans. Fans should return this respect. And if Gasol runs like a girl, maybe all the Grizzlies should run like girls.

Phillip Stephenson


Correction: In last week's Editorial, an incorrect offering price was quoted for GTx Inc. The offering price was $14.50, not $16 as was stated.

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