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Cream of the Crop

To the Editor:

Pop quiz. What do the following musicians have in common besides being on the cutting edge of Memphis music for the last 10 years: Mick Walker, Scott Taylor, Alicja Trout, Nick Diablo, Greg Cartwright, Eric Oblivian, Sam Tibbs, Karen Foster, Chopper Girl, and Tripp Lamkins? (The Music Issue, April 29th). They all worked or work at Sun Studio. Not as studio musicians, mind you, but as part of the tourist operation -- tour guides, cashiers, waitresses, cooks, Webmasters, shuttle-bus drivers, etc. And this list was just off the top of my head. (There are probably more. My apologies to those I forgot.)

Fifty years after the birth of rock-and-roll, there is still something about that little studio that draws in the cream of the crop.

Michael B. Conway


Cogic Logic

To the Editor:

Since Mary Cashiola decided to write about the COGIC convention, I assume we should look forward to an article on Memphis in May (Viewpoint, April 29th issue). She mentioned the traffic, illegal turns, and almost being run over. I am quite sure, since she lived downtown as I once did, she felt more displaced and upset for a month-long festival than for one week with the COGIC convention. Good luck on trying to get downtown this month.

I too wish COGIC would take their convention to another city. Maybe they would be more appreciated. Come to think about it. Maybe Cashiola should do the same.

"No hard feelings."

Ron Whitmore


To the Editor:

I have been to rock conventions, rap conventions, comic conventions, and several other conventions. But in my time in Memphis, the one convention that I loathe is the COGIC convention. I have worked with COGIC in numerous aspects of their convention. The fact of the matter is, I don't remember having a good experience with them ... well, ever.

I foresee only one problem with the convention moving to another location: I don't think another city will give them what they want for the amount they want to pay. Which, of course, brings them right back to Memphis.

Steven Pound


Right-wing Principles?

To the Editor:

No political party has a monopoly on hypocrisy, but surely the current version of the once-proud Republican Party has perfected it. Your editorial about the furor over John Kerry's medals helps demonstrate that once again (April 29th issue).

Remember when the Republican right claimed that their criticisms of Bill and Hillary Clinton were based on principle? Recent events prove this was a lie.

Right-wingers properly criticized Hillary Clinton when health-care task-force meetings were held in secret. But now they have no problem with Dick Cheney's secret energy task force or the fact that energy-industry executives like Ken Lay were allowed to dictate the wording of the laws that supposedly regulated them. Principle? Hogwash.

Right-wingers criticized President Clinton for failing to serve in Vietnam. Now they embrace President Bush, who used family influence to avoid Vietnam and then failed to show up for much of his National Guard service, and Cheney, who had "other priorities." Meanwhile, they attack Kerry, who served two tours of duty. Thankfully, some Republicans with a conscience, including John McCain and Bob Dole, will have none of this garbage.

Right-wingers get all tearful about our wonderful Constitution, then are willing to shred it in order to impeach a man they hate (because he had an affair) or to act tough against terrorism with the misguided and misnamed Patriot Act. Principle? Hogwash.

Right-wingers used to tell us that drug addicts were scum. Then when Rush Limbaugh turned out to have a serious addiction problem, they learned the language of compassion. Principle? Nonsense.

In George W. Bush's America, 2004 is the year when George Orwell's predictions are coming home to roost.

B. Keith English


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