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To the Editor:

Thanks for your last two editorials (May 20th and May 13th issues) pointing out the insanity of our Iraq adventure. I was beginning to think my wife and I were alone in Memphis in being shocked by what the administration is doing to our once noble values.

Neil Nokes
Eads, Tennessee

To the Editor:

Regarding your editorial "The Bottle Broken" (May 20th issue) and the many editorials before it that have addressed the adminstration and the war in Iraq: You have worn this reader out with your "words of wisdom" on the situation. How many times can you write an editorial about Bush and Iraq? Even Tim Sampson duplicated your editorial comments on Iraq in his column. I ask that the Flyer bring our attention to other topics as well. How many times has Iraq been mentioned in your editorials the past 18 months? Fifty or 60 times?

There are other topics, local and national, that need to be discussed. Where are the editorials on local government, welfare reform, education, the economy, health care, racism, arts, or sports? You do a fine reporting job with great articles. Give yourself some exposure and tell your readers why they should read the Flyer.

We know where the Flyer stands on the war!

Pat Hightower

To the Editor:

Yes, there are too many "naysayers" (Editorial, May 20 issue) -- based mainly in Washington, D.C. It is so evident that the media and certain members of Congress and half-true writers like Richard Clarke and Bob Woodward are our enemies, not Osama bin Laden and the terrorists.

It is quite evident that members of the Senate such as Joe Biden, Edward Kennedy, and Charles Schumer are trying hard to find fault with U.S. war efforts and the abuse of prisoners by a small number of soldiers.

Chas. S. Peete


To the Editor:

It is curious that there was a difference of opinion regarding the primary purpose of the Brown v. Board of Education lawsuit:

Janel Davis wrote (Viewpoint, May 13th issue), "[P]arents of 12 elementary school students risked everything to give their children one thing: a racially mixed school experience." In John Branston's cover story ("Integration and Innocence," May 20th issue), Deborah Northcross was quoted as saying, "Desegregation gave whites the impression we wanted to be with them, and that was not the point. It was a matter of school choice and educational equity."

I would imagine that Northcross is more correct.

Chris Wood

Shocked! Shocked!

To the Editor:

I was shocked at the rude way the City Council conducted itself during the River Front Development Corporation public hearing on May 18th. The hearing was set for 3:30 p.m. but didn't begin until after 4:30 p.m. A disapponted public was then told that the RDC proposal would be last on the agenda. About 6 p.m. a number of RDC supporters began to file in. Discussion did not begin until 6:30 p.m. and was limited to 15 minutes per side. I am suspicious. It makes one wonder if deals had been made.

Fifteen minutes is an outrageously short time to discuss such an important issue. More time than that was spent discussing adding a kitchen to a home for the elderly. The meeting procedures were a slap in the face of an interested public and frankly smacked of collusion.

The City Council should be ashamed of itself for its cowardly and manipulative actions. Why doesn't the public have recourse to change the way the chair ran the meeting to avoid bringing up this important issue on time. Why was only 15 minutes allowed when procedure allows for an hour?

Steven Sondheim

And Now For Something Completely Different

To the Editor:

I want y'all to know how this fellow cheated my children. This feller Jim said he didn't like dumb country kids. I rented a stretch Hummer, and it didn't even show up, so Jim agreed to ride my children around for four hours for $600 cash. After the driver got on the way he told the children they would have to be out of the limo by 9 p.m.

Now ain't that a fine city feller, cheating women and children!

Austin Tate
Drummonds, Tennessee

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