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Trial and Error

To the Editor:

Thank you for publishing Alan Crone's article (Viewpoint, October 7th issue) about being a Republican and trial lawyer. I share those titles with him. Republicans should always defend the right of the citizen juries to decide cases unfettered by politics. It makes me nervous when politicians try to legislate how a citizen jury should think and act.

Ralph J. Monaco

New London, Connecticut

To the Editor:

Crone's opinion regarding caps on malpractice suits tends to mix the supposedly benevolent nature of trial attorneys and the common good. There surely are some decent trial attorneys. In fact, I know of one. But most are concerned more with the almighty dollar and with the ability to milk all of the money they can out of a lawsuit.

There are times when caps might not be fair, but for every good attorney such as Crone, there are many ambulance chasers whose activities must be curtailed.

T.D. Carey

Ruston, Louisiana

Kerry's Naivete

To the Editor:

In regard to the second presidential debate, it should be noted that Senator Kerry continues to spend most of his time debating himself. For example, Kerry stated that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake but failed to discuss his previous statements and votes supporting that same invasion. Surely Kerry, as a member of the United States Senate Intelligence Committee, cannot claim he was ignorant of the possession and actual use of WMD by Saddam Hussein in the decades preceding the invasion.

The many internal contradictions of the U.S.S.R. led to its downfall. Similarly, Kerry's internal contradictions are leading to his poor performance. Kerry hopes to fool a naive electorate but ends up chasing his own tail. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party lamely insults Bush with "lying to the people." America knows better.

Phillip Stephenson


To the Editor:

The E.L. Doctorow hit-piece on George Bush ("The Unfeeling President," October 7th issue) rightfully belonged in the back with "The Dream Zone," "The Advice Goddess," and other mind-readers.

After reading a dozen sentences beginning with "He does not feel," and "He does not mourn," and "He does not regret," and, a real zinger, "He does not drop to his knees," it becomes obvious that Doctorow is making it up as he goes, à la Michael Moore, only his medium is psychobabble instead of film.

Doctorow cynically makes Bush responsible for the "1,000 dead who wanted to be what they could be." But he embraces General Eisenhower, who oversaw more American kids cut down in the first hours of D-day than we've lost in 18 months in Iraq and who mismanaged the ensuing three-month Battle of Normandy enough to cost the Allies more than 200,000 casualties. In Doctorow's view, Eisenhower's subsequent lack of contrition would disqualify him to lead as well as make him a liar who misled America.

Doctorow's foolish pap is for those who would believe that Bush created a war on terrorists who otherwise would politely sip tea. Unfortunately, this is not today's realpolitik regarding Islamic terrorists, packs of flesh-ripping animals who work and pray for daily repeats of 9/11 jihad. Doctorow should look into their eyes and then pen his thanks that they have not returned to the U.S.

R.F. Hine


No Mistakes?

To the Editor:

Bush's character came shining through when he was asked during the second debate to name three mistakes he's made while in office. Bush wouldn't or couldn't do it. That nonanswer captured his deepest character flaw: that he'll "stay the course," even when we're headed off a cliff.

This refusal to acknowledge error or accountability is why I don't trust this administration. We need a leader who embodies the values of courage and integrity, of fairness and opportunity. Bush's character is reckless and stubborn. He has consistently misled us.

Since the president won't accept accountability for anything, we the people must show him on November 2nd that we have the power to enforce that accountability!

Pam S. Morgan

Felton, California

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