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Latest Ditch

To the Editor:

Re: Jackson Baker's column about Councilwoman Carol Chumney's "Last Ditch" efforts (December 2nd issue) regarding the MLGW investigation. Chumney complains a lot about the business practices at the mayor's office, but she forgets to include her own controversial stands on most issues put before the city.

Do we really need another public figure in our town who has poor social skills and thrives on embarrassing themselves? Do Chumney's actions really serve the public or does she just keep things stirred up because she likes a good brawl and likes to stay in the spotlight?

Marina Best


Where Jesus Stood

To the Editor:

Many Christians quote the Bible to show that gay marriage is wrong, but they miss the actual words of Jesus.

In Mark 10:1-10 and Matthew 19:1-12, Jesus was questioned about marriage and its relation to law. Jesus said, "What God has joined together, let not man [meaning law] separate." I certainly don't think that God has anything to do with uniting people through a piece of paper. However, I do believe that God has brought many people into relationships that are not viewed as the "Christian ideal."

We have always reinterpreted biblical laws. Leviticus 22:28-29 states, "If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, he shall pay the girl's father fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the girl, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives." We've obviously looked beyond or reinterpreted this command.

The bottom line is that what has been joined together in love should not be forced apart by hate or law. Some will say that gay marriage is against biblical law. I say that just as Christians defied the law when they gathered in the catacombs of Rome, it is time today to step away from the hatred toward gays and lesbians and reinterpret the spirit of love and equality that Jesus died for.

Aaron Prather


A Few Suggestions

To the Editor:

I'm a Libertarian who usually votes Republican as the lesser of two evils. As such, the Democrats, and especially those who regularly write for the Flyer, deserve a resounding "thank you" for helping reelect President Bush! And if things (including the Flyer's content) continue as they have since the election, thanks in advance for helping elect a Republican in 2008.

Please continue to demand that the nation adopt social, cultural, and political policies clearly contradictory to the sincere beliefs of a majority of Americans (e.g., those on abortion, the death penalty, affirmative action, gay marriage, forced redistribution of wealth, etc.). And if the majority doesn't adopt your views, continue to call them names and rant about human rights, fascism, right-wing conspiracies, and, above all, Christians.

Keep doing the things that have worked so well in the last election: Pretend that a Senate voting record equivalent to Ted Kennedy's is "moderate"; continue to support candidates who can't or won't fully disclose their travel, financial, and/or military records while ignoring their confession of "war crimes"; hire a campaign manager who's zero for seven, then act absolutely shocked when he loses his eighth campaign, and blame the winning Republican manager for daring to win.

Have completely different, utterly hypocritical standards for military service for Democrats vs. Republicans (e.g., Kerry vs. Bush Jr. [sic] was 180 degrees from Clinton vs. Bush Sr. [sic] and Clinton vs. Dole; run people who are as wealthy and privileged as any Bush but who claim they will watch out for the poor and oppressed; keep packing your podiums with anti-Semites, honky-bashers, and wealthy "ministers" with illegitimate kids while claiming the "family values" high ground; keep blaming Bush for overseas migration of jobs even though Bill Clinton got NAFTA and most-favored-nation trade for China and Vietnam passed; use clumsily forged documents to bash a president and then refuse to acknowledge that your bias led to an utter breakdown of basic journalistic standards; forget that Clinton taking office with 43 percent of the vote was supposedly a mandate for change after 12 years of Reagan and Bush Sr. [sic]; and continue to shriek that Bush Jr. [sic] with more than 50 percent is obligated to "compromise" with you, even though you hate his guts.

Herbert E. Kook Jr.



To the Editor:

Wow, was I surprised to see a letter from B. Keith English (December 2nd issue). After the presidential election, I thought he and others like him had left the country!

Joe Mercer


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