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Predictions for 2008: a Quiz



A do-it-yourself quiz for Memphis prognosticators and Flyer readers.

1. The current buzz phrase most likely to be forgotten a year from now will be (a) Aerotropolis (b) political consultant (c) Blue Crush (d) monetize.

2. The next big deal for Memphis that will show tangible progress in 2008 will be (a) Biotech zone on the site of old Baptist Hospital downtown (b) makeover of Sears Crosstown (c) Fairgrounds (d) Shelby Farms.

3. The Memphis sports surprise of 2008 will be (a) highly-rated Tiger basketball team falls short of Final Four once again (b) a new hunting and fishing alliance (c) University of Memphis football team wins eight games (d) the Grizzlies playoff run.

4. The Memphis attraction that will suffer the biggest attendance drop in 2008 will be (a) Graceland (b) Tiger football (c) Memphis Redbirds (d) Grizzlies.

5. The 2007 news headliner most likely to be forgotten one year from today will be (a) indicted former commissioner Bruce Thompson (b) "sex-plot" diva Gwendolyn Smith (c) strip club owner Ralph Lunati (d) indicted former MLGW CEO Joseph Lee.

6. Which of the following people is most likely to have another 15 minutes of fame in 2008? (a) Mary Winkler (b) Rickey Peete (c) Roscoe Dixon (d) John Ford.

7. The share price of FedEx, which hit a 52-week low of $94 in December, will be how much a year from now? (a) $85 or less (b) $95 (c) $105 (d) $115 or more.

8. Local governments will make ends meet by (a) raising property taxes (b) implementing a payroll tax on commuters (c) cutting services (d) layoffs.

9. The downtown big deal that will go away in 2008 will be (a) Beale Street Landing boat dock (b) Gene Carlisle's high-rise hotel and condos (c) Bass Pro in The Pyramid (d) the COGIC convention.

10. The government-by-referendum idea that will pass in 2008 will be (a) term limits for city politicians (b) no property-tax increase without a referendum (c) both (d) neither one.

11. The next superintendent and top leadership of the Memphis City Schools will have a background in (a) education and Teach For America (b) the military (c) big business (d) Memphis or Tennessee politics and government.

12. Facing public loss of confidence and financial pressure, the Memphis City Schools will close or schedule the closing of how many schools in 2008? (a) none (b) five or less (c) five to ten (d) more than ten.

13. A final decision will be made in 2008 to put the football stadium for the University of Memphis (a) on the main campus (b) on the South Campus (c) build a new stadium at fairgrounds (d) renovate the existing stadium at Fairgrounds.

14. The big news out of the federal building in 2008 will be (a) major new indictments of public figures related to political corruption (b) no major new indictments of public figures related to political corruption (c) a courtroom defeat for prosecutors (d) reversal of Judge Bernice Donald's desegregation order for county schools.

15. The news with the biggest negative impact on ordinary Memphians in 2008 will be (a) sky-high MLGW bills (b) rising violent-crime rate (c) $4-a-gallon gasoline (d) massive foreclosures and falling housing values.

16. Who is most likely to leave their job in 2008 for whatever reason? (a) Tommy West (b) My Harrison (c) John Calipari (d) Willie Herenton.

My answers: 1, b; 2, a; 3, a; 4, d; 5, b; 6, a; 7, d; 8, d; 9, d; 10, d; 11, a; 12, b; 13, d; 14, a and d; 15, c. 16, b.

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