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Rainbow Run



Imagine a canoe: how it cuts through the water, the way it bucks as it travels the eddies, the cool air coming off the water and mixing with the heat of the day. Now multiply that by 500, throw in more colors than your average rainbow, and call upon the Mighty Mississippi as your setting. You've just envisioned the 26th Annual Great Canoe & Kayak Race, sponsored by Outdoors, Inc.

More than 500 canoe and kayak enthusiasts participate in this race every year, making it the largest of its kind in the southeastern United States. Professionals and amateurs alike will make their way from the mouth of the Wolf River into the Mississippi, around Mud Island Park, and into the Memphis Harbor. There are various solo and team events to get the adrenaline flowing as these brave people in colorful canoes take on the force of the Mississippi. It's free to watch. What more do you need?

The race starts at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 5th. Spectators can watch from Greenbelt Park.

26th Annual great Canoe & Kayak Race, Saturday, May 5th. Race participants must register by May 4th at any Outdoors, Inc. location. For more information, go to www.outdoorsinc.com.

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