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“Say Hello to America” at Crosstown Arts



Unlike today's terrible candidates, Mitt Romney sure had a way with words.

"I believe in an America," he said, back in the good old days when only serious men were allowed to run for president, and he was a real contender. Not only did Mittens believe in America, he believed in an America where millions of Americans "believe in an America."

"That's the America millions of Americans believe in," he concluded presidentially. "That's the America I love." Crosstown Arts is using Romney's word salad to promote "Say Hello to America," an all-American group exhibition taking aim at nonsense politics.

Americana artistic
  • Americana artistic

Outspoken collage-maker Brantley Ellzey is one of more than 40 artists contributing work to "Say Hello." He's showing an American flag made from his favorite medium, rolled up magazine pages. In this case, it's Cosmo.

"It's part of a series contrasting flag-waving preoccupations with real American pop culture," Ellzey says. "So I collected very high-circulation magazines." He also reproduced text from the magazine's cover and sandblasted it onto his flag's glass frame: "Seven Strange Ideas Guys Have About Sex."

"Let's face it," Ellzey says. "Guys do have strange ideas about sex. Especially elected officials."

"Say Hello to America" was conceived and organized by artist and Crosstown Arts co-founder Christopher Miner. Participating artists include Nick Canterucci, Jeff Unthank, Stephanie Wexler, Jay Etkin, Jan Hankins, Taylor Loftin, and Lance Turner.

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