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Scavenger Hunt



So you're at a party sitting in a comfy chair. You think, damn this chair would look fabulous in my living room.

At the Scavenger's Ball, the grand-finale party for the defunct Butler St. Bazaar open-air market, you can take that chair. Everything left in the building is up for grabs, and for $10, you can take as much as you like. Proceeds benefit Hope House.

"You've got a drink on the table, and there's a lamp next it you like. Take the lamp," says owner Brett Magdowitz. "There's no limit. If someone wants to bring a 53-foot trailer and fill it up, I'd be grateful."

Magdowitz has sold the building, and he's trying to get rid of everything that has accumulated over the years. That includes chairs, lamps, mattresses, vintage rolls of carpet, cabinets, lockers, filing cabinets, desks, and random knickknacks. There's also a lot of raw building materials, like wood, glass, plastic, and metal. (Pictured above and right are life-size fixtures from the bazaar.)

If you already have enough stuff, there's plenty more going on, like live music from the Gamble Brothers Band, the Dempseys, Hope Clayburn's Soul Scrimmage, Breaking the Cage, and Red. There's also a screening of the documentary Automusik Can Do No Wrong, a juggling comedian, and a silent auction of restaurant gift certificates, theater tickets, and jewelry.

Scavenger's Ball, Saturday, April 29th, 9 a.m.-2 a.m., 11 W. Butler St. (fairandhonest@yahoo.com). $10 at the door/$10 all-you-can-drink/$10 to scavenge/$25 advance for all three

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