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The Flyer's sister publication, Memphis magazine, regularly features glossy fashion editorials populated by fabulous models looking, well, fabulous, with frizz-free hair, gorgeous skin, and perfect accessories for their perfect clothes. But the real wizardry of those photo spreads is how easy it becomes for the reader to cast him/herself in the model's place, to turn the page and jet off to some exotic island hideaway or warp back in time to a private Gatsby affair.This is the magic of models, right? No doubt. But if that photo shoot goes down in Memphis, chances are much of the magic comes courtesy of style guru Alicia George. Her imagination and sharp attention to detail are the smoke and mirrors that keep the illusions afloat. Recently, we cornered Alicia and asked her to share her current fave and must-have items.

Alicia George
  • Alicia George

THIS ONE GOES TO ELEVEN: "Best volume mascara, ever," says Alicia, who has by her own admission tried every mascara promising level-10 volume. She is now a one-mascara woman after finding that Exceptionnel de Chanel actually delivers on its promise. Exceptionnel de Chanel (Alicia prefers noir), $28 at Macy's Oak Court, 766-4199; Avenue at Carriage Crossing, 861-5520.


BAG OF TRICKS: "I love a big bag. I can carry five curling irons, a hair dryer, all my products and still look pulled together," Alicia says. The big bag she is currently carrying (pictured) is a shiny, pewter, oversized, open-top tote that's roomy enough to double as an overnight bag for those impromptu excursions, $65. American Apparel, 530 S. Main, 528-1722.


ON POINT: "Everyone needs at least one great pair of ballet flats," Alicia says, "and these are just so pretty and girly." She adds these to her working "uniform" of jeans and turtleneck, explaining that sometimes — running to catch a flight or playing with kids at the park — a flat simply makes more sense. And without naming names, Alicia begs the rest of us to stop wearing running shoes with jeans: "There are other, better options." Apepazza Pissarro ballet flats, $140 at Peria, 1680 Union, 274-8488.


DELUXE VIEW: "I always get these great inspirations — like using the Summer Drive-in as a location — and then end up forgetting them," Alicia says. With the Leica C-Lux in her bag of tricks, that won't happen again, or not anytime soon. The C-Lux, which tucks away 334 images at its high-res setting and a whopping 1,550 at the low end, is the digital darling of camera enthusiasts, who love the all-metal body, the powerful zoom, shutter speed, and image stabilization, not to mention its uber-cool good looks. Leica C-Lux, $599. Find it locally at Memphis' oldest camera and film store, 102-year-old Memphis Photo Supply, 561 Erin Dr., 767-2702.


BEAUTY IS MY LIFE: "Nothing inspires beauty like beautiful music," Alicia says. Lately she's been getting hers from Harlan T. Bobo's album I'm Your Man. "I can't take it out of my CD player," Alicia says. Harlan T. Bobo, I'm Your Man, $11.99 at Goner Records, 2152 Young, 722-0095.

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