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As we continue our quest to promote shopping locally, it becomes more and more clear that we must also urge folks to eat, drink, and play locally. We wanted to find uber-stylish people willing to share their secrets, but we also needed folks who live in a way that supports the whole shop/eat/drink/play-local concept. This week, we found yoga instructor Stephanie King of Give Yoga. Stephanie's understated bio tells of her gratitude to her teachers and her love for yoga and kids, and it mentions that she's an artist and a mother of two. We'll add that she is smart and talented. We asked Stephanie to name a few local things she loves and/or can't live with out.

Stephanie King
  • Stephanie King

GIVE BACK: Stephanie is both teacher and student at Give Yoga, a locally owned studio formally known as Breathe Yoga. The studio has undergone some radical shifts this year: changing the name and the business model, becoming Give Yoga. "The name change was necessary to comply with a trademark conflict. The shift in how Give conducts business was more a matter of the heart," says proprietor Hannah Phillips. In addition to the regular fee schedule, Hannah and other instructors at Give have embraced a "give what you can" pricing option, available to anyone who needs it. In yogic terms, this idea of community is called "sangha"— a community with a common goal. We call it good business. Give Yoga, 627 S. Mendenhall (846-5070).


NEST-ING: "I love gifts from Soma's Nest — the oils, scarves, and cards. Everything is so pretty," Stephanie says. Soma's Nest is Karen Roberts' latest storefront, and like her previous retail endeavors, the shop is filled with treasures that reflect her life's journey. As for the scarves Stephanie is so fond of, Karen works directly with weavers in Nepal to bring back hand-loomed, hand-dyed, fair-trade textile treasures. Hand-loomed scarves in silk, cashmere, and organic cotton, $19-$350 (average around $40) at Soma's Nest, 571 S. Highland (590-1292).


WHOLE-SOME: Living well also means eating well. Stephanie's quest for health doesn't stop at the yoga studio. "I love Whole Foods, and if I have to pick just one thing to mention, it would be supplements." Stephanie is a believer in a combo calcium/magnesium supplement, and after reading about the enzymatic processes aided by this wonder-twin combo, we are too. 365 Everyday Value Cal-Mag supplements, $8.99, Whole Foods, 5022 Poplar (685-2293). A girl can't live on supplements alone. Stephanie is a fan of Las Tortugas, "the best Mexican food ever!!" Her favorite is the fish tacos. "So fresh and yummy," she adds. Grilled red snapper or tilapia filet tacos, $9.95. Las Tortugas, 1215 Germantown Pkwy. (751-1200).


ART-FULL: Stephanie's first calling is art, with yogi-in-training running a close second. And her upcoming shows will showcase what savvy collectors have seen for years: quietly beautiful work infused with a feminine power. Future shows include: Feminine Devine, a group show at the Buckman Performing Arts Center, February 20th-April 3rd; and a May 1st show at Material on Broad (through a partnership with NY House of Allen). Works by Stephanie King, $500-$1,500.

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