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Skate or Pie



Remember that scene in Grease where Olivia Newton-John goes all bad girl but it's okay because school's out and everyone's having a good time at the carnival?

Now imagine that scene on skates.

The newly formed Memphis Roller Derby will host a Rock 'n' Roll Carnival June 10th at the Skate Park of Memphis. Forty certifiable bad girls (if the bruises and broken bones don't prove it, we don't know what does) will put their own "spin" on the carnival with pie tossing, a photo booth, and something called the Wheel of Torture.

Attendees can skate -- natch -- and even try their hand at arm wrestling derby girls. For the weak of heart (or arm), Nashville band the Trampskirts will be performing, along with local musicians the Splints, Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre, and DJ Pappy Red. Bring your skates and skateboards -- it's not called rock-and-roll for nothing.

Memphis Roller Derby's Rock 'n' Roll Carnival, 8 p.m. Saturday, June 10th at the Skate Park of Memphis, 7740 Trinity Rd. in Cordova, $6 for ages 18 to 20, $10 for 21 and up

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