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S.O.L. for Term Limits Plaintiffs

S.O.L. for Term Limits Plaintiffs The state Supreme Court has concluded a lengthy judicial process that began two years ago when three veteran Shelby County commissioners sued to overturn a 1994 referendum term-limiting them out of power. The decision means the end of the line for their days on the County Commission for plaintiffs Walter Bailey, Cleo Kirk, and Julian Bolton. Bailey and Kirk, have filed for reelection this year and were listed on the ballot. (Bolton has talked of entering the race for Congress in the 9th District.)

The Court overruled a state appellate court’s temporary stay and sustained Chancellor Tene Alissandratos’ earlier judgment against the plaintiffs. It found that there was “no compelling reason” to interfere with the rights of a “chartered county” to “impose term limits on the members of a legislative branch.”

So what will they do? Allow us to recommend a nice movie.

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