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Three 6 Mafia
It was Saliva last week ? national stars returning home for their first performance since the Beale Street Music Fest. Now it's Three 6 Mafia. With a new Gangsta Boo album climbing the charts and a new Three 6 album and straight-to-video film on the horizon, the Three 6 camp has a lot going on, and you can get a taste on Saturday, August 18th, at Mud Island Amphitheater when the group plays a show sponsored by K-97 FM.

Another local show this week of far less renown but considerable interest is the one-time-only reunion of the short-lived but semilegendary country-punk band The Dillingers. Led by John Murry, who has been tearing clubs up lately with a new band, and with Star-Crossed Truckers frontman Brady Potts on bass, the Dillingers were a training ground for some of the best new roots rock to hit town this year. The Dillingers' reunion show will be at the Map Room on Saturday, August 18th, and this time around all the members should be old enough to drink -- legally, that is.

Slim pickings on out-of-towner shows this week, but Minneapolis' Ol' Yeller is definitely worth a listen. After rising from the ashes of longtime Twin Cities favorites the Glenrustles, Ol' Yeller released a debut of smart, punchy bar-rock this year which places them in good standing with the Minnesota tradition of smart, punchy, white-guy bar-rock. Ol' Yeller will join Oxford's take-no-prisoners Tyler Keith & The Preacher's Kids at the Young Avenue Deli on Wednesday, August 22nd. -- Chris Herrington

It was Friday the 13th and my own sorry band the West Coast Turnaround was scheduled to play a gig with The Gabe & Amy Show. Upon my arrival at the venue, our pedal-steel player greeted me with the somber words, "Ol' Sticky done got the food poisoning and won't be here tonight." Sticky's our one dedicated guitarist. We were screwed. In order to buy some time we asked the Gabe & Amy Show if they could play an extra-long set. "No problem" was their answer. And it wasn't. The tight little trio just kept on thumping away. Their ghostly cover of "Mystery Train" was sublime, and when the divine Ms. Amy opened her golden throat to sing Ray Price's "Crazy Arms" the packed club fell silent. I was suddenly glad ol' Sticky had the food poisoning. It let me sit back and enjoy this wonderful little combo whose hillbilly roots are planted deep in the Eisenhower era. You can enjoy the Gabe & Amy Show on Wednesday nights at Murphy's. If, on the other hand, you just need to get rocked, The Subteens play the Hi-Tone CafÇ on Saturday, August 18th, with teenage newcomers 7 $ Sox. That just can't be bad. -- Chris Davis

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