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Terry Prince & the Principles’ EP release party



It's not a conspiracy. The Memphis Flyer has always employed an embarrassment of creative people. It's hard to walk down our halls without bumping into a notable musician, artist, actor, podcaster, author, or chef who's also an ad rep, designer, writer, or editor. When one of them does something special, we like to brag a little and let folks know. Flyer copy editor and music writer Jesse Davis is another proud conflict of interest. This week his band Terry Prince & the Principles release Dreamland, a four-song EP inspired by magic, mystery, the Memphis film community, and the band's history. A packed lineup for the release party includes performances by Native Blood, Racquets, and Louise Page.

Who is Terry Prince? - BRYAN ROLLINS
  • Bryan Rollins
  • Who is Terry Prince?

Davis describes "Horns" — a tune inspired by the plastic owl depicted on the Dreamland cover — as a kind of incantation. The song's opening guitar riff — an eerily familiar variation on Johnny Rivers' classic "Secret Agent Man" — ramps up the whole David Lynch vibe. "The owl's kind of become our mascot," he says. "We carry it around to gigs."

The Principles' horned mascot is a found object. "It was broken," says Davis, who rescued it from the street. "And it was filled with all these Black Cat fireworks." The partially-exploded owl's origins were later revealed at a party when a distressed neighbor urged Davis to get rid of the cursed object before something awful happened. The plastic decoy, it was said, had been used in some kind of a failed self-exorcism. The demons were strong in this bird.

Davis collects lost things and overheard dialogue. When stories like this get told he tucks them away: "Hey, thanks for the lyric."

There is no Terry Prince, by the way; he's fiction. The Principles are Jesse Davis, Jeff Drzycimski, Kent Stratton, and Ian Younkin. Totally not a conspiracy.

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