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Absurd crimes from the local police files.



They say not taking your Christmas tree down before New Year's Day is bad luck: Maybe they're right. A woman on Hemlock reported February 18th that her Christmas tree ornaments were stolen off the tree sitting outside on her porch.

Making disturbing childhood memories: On February 22nd, a woman was "showing her grandchildren the sights at Memorial Park." Unfortunately, she set her wallet down on a bench so she could take a picture and didn't remember it until she got back to her car. By the time she returned to the bench, the wallet was gone.

Probably should have fixed that rearview mirror situation: Officers stopped a car February 20th at Ketchum and Pendleton for a broken tail light and a missing rear-view mirror. But that was the least of the driver's problems. Police saw a knife on the floorboard, and when the driver opened his wallet a credit card fell out. He told police it was his aunt's, but when the police checked, the owner said the card had been stolen two weeks ago. Officers asked whether he had anything else from the woman and when the driver opened his wallet again, at least six 2005 car registration decals fell out. Officers were advised to arrest the man and tow his vehicle, but when they started to inventory it, they found five counterfeit temporary tags, 18.3 grams of marijuana, 1.9 grams of crack, 26 bullets, a scale, a razor, and a white tray.

-- Compiled by Mary Cashiola

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