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True stories from the local police files



Kicking people when they're down: A woman on Alaska Street called police after paramedics came to her home April 7th to take her mother to the hospital. The woman told officers that the paramedics also took medication which belonged to her mother (good), a coin purse with almost $500 in it (bad), and a Memphis Grizzlies towel that was near the medicine (just weird). The woman said she immediately noticed the purse was missing and asked the paramedics if they took it accidentally, but they didn't respond. She also saw one of the paramedics holding the Grizzlies towel.

She should probably buy a dog: A woman on Mt. Moriah told police that her area postman has been stalking her for over a year. The man had been leaving notes in her mail and sneaking up on her as she did yardwork. Now he peeks in her windows at night and yells at her to open the door and talk to him.

Might we suggest getting a cell phone: Two pay phones stolen from a fenced-in area behind a store April 7th.

Did you think about that when you gave him the keys?: A man stopped police April 9th after his nephew told him he was hungry. The man gave him the keys to his apartment so he could eat. When the man went home later, his shotgun and 12-gauge shells were missing. He told officers that his nephew is "on crack and may be looking for a place to sell the shotgun."

The decline of customer service: A woman noticed she'd left her wallet at a store on Grove Park on April 8th. When she called the store, they said they'd found her wallet and would hold it for her. However, when she went back to get it, she was told that someone had stolen it off the counter.

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