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True stories from the local police files.



What kind of job did he think he was interviewing for? On April 14th, a woman called police after a man came into her business on James Road and filled out an application. Unfortunately, he used fake information on his application. More unfortunately, he began to make the woman "feel uncomfortable." Especially when he asked her, "How does your buddy hole smell?" The woman then asked him to leave.

And if you thought that was strange and disturbing: About a month ago, a man went to Shelby Oaks Elementary School and, identifying himself as a Department of Children's Services employee, took a boy out of class. The man asked the boy about his home life: if he had ever seen beer or drugs at home, who his mother was, if "he was in any pain." Then he took two pictures of the boy. The boy's mother recently called police because her son said the man was "very dirty and dingy" and because she has been unable to verify the man's employment with DCS.

Some people have very strange relationships, part one: Two males were stopped near Rozelle and Southern after one of them took the other's bicycle. The thief rode off, saying, "I got ya again" and the victim was chasing him when they were both stopped by police. The victim said it was the third time the suspect had stolen a bike from him. The suspect said he had just borrowed the bike and was going to bring it back.

Some people have very strange relationships, part two: A woman gave her boyfriend a ride April 17th, but after he left her vehicle, she noticed her cell phone was missing. Later her boyfriend called her (with her phone?) and said that he had the phone and he would return it ... when she paid him some money.

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