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1. Huey's celebrates 35 years. The little neighborhood hangout famous for its hamburgers -- they've nabbed first place in Memphis magazine's restaurant poll for the past two decades, it seems -- now has seven locations. And after all these years, we still haven't guessed the number of "frill-picks" shot into the ceiling.

2. The Tennessee House of Representatives passes a resolution giving state residents a chance to vote on the legality of gay marriage. "A gay and happy marriage is an abomination under God," said one official. "All marriages should be like mine -- long, dull, and miserable. Please don't use my name; my wife will kill me."

3. Corrections Corporation of America has offered to pay $30 million if county government will let them build, and run, a new jail here. As part of the deal, CCA would be paid a per-inmate fee for the next 50 years. Hmmm, that's not really much of an incentive to keep people out of prison, is it?

4. You know those two statues that have guarded the entrance to the University of Memphis' Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology? Well, the British Museum wants them returned. Oh, come on, England. It's not like they really belonged to you anyway. n

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