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Facing the same problems his endangered brethren do in Africa and India, the University of Memphis' Tom the Tiger is forced to find a new home because of encroaching development. It's always irked us that the school's mighty mascot doesn't even live in Memphis but is tucked away in a nice compound near Collierville, but now he's moving to Mississippi. That's like Colonel Reb living in Cordova.

First Libertyland, now this: Another Memphis institution bites the dust. Anderton's East, famous not so much for its fine food as its funky décor, is closing at the end of December. We'll sure miss that cool pirate-ship bar.

Recently, the Bartlett Public Library displayed a miniature nativity scene that lacked some rather important elements: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Under pressure from religious groups, who even got the controversy mentioned on The O'Reilly Factor, the baby and his family were restored to their proper place in the tableau. The battle to destroy Christmas -- allegedly waged by liberals for reasons that are not entirely clear, not even to the liberals -- continues.

Councilman Joe Brown continues fighting with Memphis Light, Gas and Water, telling utility officials they should resign if they don't like the City Council's criticism of their operation. MLGW president Joseph Lee says he has no intention of stepping aside. Maybe we can use some of this hot air to heat our homes this winter.

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