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Three sticks of dynamite were discovered in a Tunica hotel. Nobody seems to know how it got there, but we think somebody was planning to celebrate the New Year a bit too much.

Based on polling signatures, at least two dead people voted in the state Senate election won by Ophelia Ford by just 13 votes. Apparently, national elections in Iraq went more smoothly than those held here. Maybe dipping your finger in purple ink isn't such a bad idea.

MLGW president Joseph Lee reluctantly joined other utility executives and gave up his $12,600 car allowance. He deserves it, he says, but admits that "it seems to be a big issue with some parties." Yes, like the ones whose utility bills have skyrocketed in recent months.

Two Memphis police officers pleaded guilty to extortion charges. It seems they demanded bribes and even planted drugs on motorists they pulled over for traffic violations. This seems to be the latest in an ongoing series of "More Bad Cops," but we hope it ends soon. It's bad enough getting pulled over for going 42 in a 40 mph zone without the cop saying he found pot in your car too.

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