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1 In what must rank as one of the strangest -- and most dangerous -- packages the company has ever shipped, last week FedEx delivered two sturdy crates to the Memphis Zoo containing a pair of live polar bears. Male bear Payton and female Haley, on loan from a zoo in Chicago, will be the centerpiece of the new Northwest Passage exhibit, which opens later this month.

2 During a long and rambling meeting with local journalists last week, Mayor Herenton said he had never been in a drug rehab program and seemed miffed that the subject even came up. Well, if he wouldn't keep acting so strange, we wouldn't keep wondering.

3 After years of debate, the city of Memphis has agreed to make all public buildings here handicapped-accessible. Many of the locations make perfect sense -- police precincts, community centers, and senior centers, for instance. But where are we going to get $50 million to make the Liberty Bowl compliant? It already has a nice corporate sponsor (AutoZone), so we guess it's back to bake sales. Better get cooking, people!

4 The Collierville Planning Commission voted unanimously to reject a developer's proposal that would result in clearcutting some 17 wooded acres along Houston Levee Road. Call us cynical, but we know how this may play out: The developer will just keep submitting plan after plan until it is finally approved, leaving just a few saplings here and there.

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