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1. With more fanfare than it deserved, last week The Commercial Appeal unveiled or unwrapped or whatever it is you do when you take a decent newspaper and turn it into a big, unreadable mess. As far as we can determine, subscribers will now receive about half a dozen different editions of the newspaper, depending on where they live. And a story that begins in one section all too often jumps to the end of an entirely different section. The paper still carries that Scripps lighthouse logo, but the new design has left plenty of readers in the dark.

2. Memphis rappers Three 6 Mafia win a "Best Original Song" Oscar for the Hustle & Flow song, "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp." This is the first Oscar brought home to Memphis since Isaac Hayes won for "Shaft" 34 years ago. Maybe it is hard for a pimp -- really, we wouldn't know -- but winning an Academy Award makes it mighty sweet for the musicians.

3. Horseback riding once again returns to Shelby Farms when the owner of an Oakland, Tennessee, stable works out an arrangement to bring some 37 horses to the park. We can't seem to figure out where to put a road through Shelby Farms for the thousands of cars and trucks that pass by every day, but it's nice to try an old-fashioned form of transportation.

4. A hard-fought 69-62 win over Houston gives the University of Memphis Tigers its first conference title in more than a decade. They are still ranked number five in the nation, so we're keeping our fingers crossed. Could Calipari & Co. be making a Final Four appearance? Stay tuned.

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