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The famous Grand Carousel at Libertyland is now up for sale, since the Fairgrounds site is being converted to other uses, though nobody can say what those will be. Even so, the merry-go-round must go. You know, years ago Elvis used to rent out the park for daughter Lisa Marie, so we think Graceland should buy the thing. It would fit right in.

Joe Cooper just can't get a break. In an obvious attempt to win over one voter, the candidate for the Shelby County Commission took in a homeless person, let him sleep in Cooper's campaign headquarters in East Memphis, and even handed the man the keys to his 1997 Kia Sportage SUV. Well, the ungrateful wretch drove off in the vehicle, even though it was plastered with "Vote for Joe Cooper" signs. It seems like it would be hard to miss such a thing, but so far, the SUV is still MIA.

After first calling the death of Bama booster Logan Young a "mystery murder investigation," police later admitted all three words are wrong. There was no murder, no mystery, and everyone has wondered about the scope of that initial investigation. Young's death, police announced, was just an accident, the result of a fall down the stairs in his Chickasaw Gardens home. We are glad that there isn't a murderer running amok, but the whole thing still seems very mysterious to us.

Everyone can rest easy -- for another year, anyway. Coach Calipari signed a new contract with the University of Memphis, granting him an annual salary of $1.3 million. Now Memphians can worry about more important things, like -- oh, who are we fooling? There's nothing more important than Tiger basketball.

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