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1. MLGW is planning to eliminate its meter-readers and replace them with transmitters mounted on every homeowners' electric meter. The change is estimated to cost as much as $150 million, but utility officials claim it might result in savings of up to $13 million a year. We're not math major or utility officials, but according to our calculations, it will take over 11 years of savings to pay for itself.

2. Despite the best efforts of the Save Libertyland grass-roots organization, auctioneers sold most of the amusement park's rides, signs, and other items. The Zippin Pippin, one of the oldest roller-coasters in the country, goes for just $2,500 to buyers who mainly wanted one of the cars. It we had known it would go that cheap, we would have bid on the thing. It would look mighty cool, we think, in the Flyer parking lot.

3. Former Memphis city school board member Michael Hooks Jr. was indicted last week on a variety of charges, including embezzlement and lying to the FBI. He joins a growing list of other officials nabbed as part of the federal Tennessee Waltz sting. If this keeps up, all of our elected officials may get invited to the dance, whether they like it or not.

4. Does it exist or not? Arkansas official are now offering $10,000 to anyone who can prove the ivory-billed woodpecker exists. Once thought extinct, the bird was apparently spotted two years ago, but hasn't been seen since. We just hope a hunter doesn't decide the best way to collect that bounty is to bring in a dead bird.

5. A burglar picked the wrong residence, when his intended victim attacked him with a knife. The homeowner's name: Bond. James Bond. Apparently his trusty Walther PPK wasn't available, but the knife still did the trick, and the wounded burglar-to-be fled.

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