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An unidentified woman drops off her baby at the fire station on East Parkway, a designated "safe place" for children in danger, and disappears. It depresses us that someone would just abandon a child, but it's better than leaving them in a hot car or tossing them in the trash.

A developer announces plans to build a $175 million hotel, condo, and retail complex at Beale and Riverside Drive. That doesn't sit too well with residents at the nearby Waterford Plaza, who complain the new building will block their view of the river. We can certainly sympathize with their gripe, except for one thing: What about the view of the river that was blocked when the Waterford was built?

The recent London terrorist plot causes airports around the country to go on high alert. Travelers at Memphis International Airport are advised to arrive at the terminal at least two hours early. If this keeps up, it will be faster -- and maybe safer -- to just drive to wherever it is you're trying to go.

A brass urn holding cremated remains is returned to a Horn Lake family more than two years after it was stolen and tossed in a nearby lake. The "cremains" (as they are called) were still safely sealed in plastic. We can only imagine how the burglars felt when they nabbed the urn and looked inside.

Commercial Appeal television critic Tom Walter loses his three-year battle with cancer. Walter had worked at the newspaper for more than two decades. He was a good fellow and did his job well; we hope they have TiVo in heaven.

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