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Rhodes College more than doubles the size of its McCoy Theatre, originally built in the 1930s as a sorority house. There's no word if they kept a special seat for "Annie," the ghost that has supposedly haunted the building ever since (or so the story goes) she committed suicide after being blackballed by the sorority.

Vandals in an Olive Branch subdivision knock down almost 20 mailboxes. Look, we don't like getting bills in the mail, either, but this really doesn't solve anything.

While Germantown police cars swarmed into a drugstore parking lot looking for a Firebird that had raced off after a traffic violation, a motorcyclist pulled up to the drugstore's drive-thru window to pick up his painkillers.

Unfortunately, the "prescription" he had dropped off earlier that day was bogus, and it took just a few moments for the staff to call the cops over. It's an amazing story -- we've never seen anyone in a drive-thru work that quickly.

More than 1,000 applicants apply for 60 temporary campus- monitor positions with the Memphis City Schools. We can remember the days when we -- well, those of us who were class nerds -- worked as hall monitors, and all we got for our labors was a chance to get out of study hall. Now, they pay you $12 an hour to do it.

Bulldozers began tearing down the long-closed Douglass High School to make room for a brand-new building. The North Memphis community had been clamoring for their beloved school to be reopened or rebuilt for years, showing more school spirit than most groups we know -- even those who still go to school.

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