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Memphis makes the national news -- and as usual, for all the wrong reasons. Two separate three-alarm fires break out downtown, creating an inferno that destroys the historic First United Methodist Church and the Court Square Annex and seriously damages the empty Lincoln America Tower and Lowenstein building. A tip of the hat to the hard-working firefighters -- more than 150 of them that morning -- who kept the fires from spreading more than they did.

After a festive evening as the site of the Blues Ball, The Pyramid

closes. Officials announce the building will essentially be put on ice until they can figure out a new use for it. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to model a sports arena on centuries-old tombs.

With the election just a few weeks away, U.S. Senate hopefuls Harold Ford Jr. and Bob Corker square off in a televised debate. It gets intense when Ford takes offense at Corker's mention of the "Ford political machine." We don't want to take sides, but if it's not a political machine, it's the world's first perpetual-motion machine.

Some members of Bellevue Baptist Church apparently think the senior pastor, Dr. Steve Gaines, should be removed and have even created a Web site listing their concerns. The majority of members, however, defend him. Isn't there something in the Bible that deals with this kind of conflict?

The owner of a Horn Lake, Mississippi, lawn-care business spots a trailer loaded with equipment that was stolen from him weeks ago. He tails the thieves, calling police the whole time, only to be told the cops don't have the time or manpower to tackle such trivial crimes. That's funny, because they seem to have plenty of time and manpower to set up radar traps along Sam Cooper just about every day of the week.

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