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Actress Cybill Shepherd sells her bluff-top home to out-of-towners for $1.5 million. Several years ago, the Flyer included the unusually designed residence in a list of local eyesores, and now we wonder if that had anything to do with her leaving. Cybill, we were just kidding!

Baptist Hospital goes on full security alert when an intruder

supposedly attacks a nurse, somehow eludes capture, and then calls in a series of bomb threats against the hospital and the nurse herself. When police investigate, they determine the whole thing was a hoax, allegedly perpetuated by the victim, whose motive remains unknown. We've heard the old saying, "Physician, heal thyself." Maybe it applies to nurses, too.

Memphis City Schools announces it will reward the system's best teachers and principals with an $18 million incentive program. It's not clear how many people will be eligible, or how much each might receive, but let us say this: Giving $18 million to just one teacher would be a heckuva reward.

By the time you read this, the elections will be over. We'd like to thank both Bob Corker and Harold Ford Jr., especially, for running a mature, courteous, and professional senatorial campaign. Their efforts were completely free of mudslinging, focusing on the important issues of the day without stooping to such shameless tactics as -- oops, too late.

Imperial Lanes, a Summer Avenue landmark for almost half a century, announces it won't close after all, when a deal to convert the property into a shopping center falls through. And, frankly, we always thought it was sort of a turkey of an idea. There's not any other available land on Summer Avenue that could be a shopping center instead? Spare us.

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