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Mary Winkler, the Selmer woman who will forever after be known as "the preacher's wife," is convicted of manslaughter in the death of her husband, who she may — or may not — have shot in the back while he was sleeping. Everyone who supported the battered-wife defense presented by her team of Memphis lawyers rejoiced at the light sentence she will receive — possibly even probation, considering the amount of time she has already served. Meanwhile, husbands across the country are sleeping on their backs and with one eye open.

Children at an Easter egg hunt at Caldwell Elementary School make an unexpected discovery when they stumble upon a dying bat. Authorities mention that the chances of anyone catching rabies from the creature are slim, but unfortunately, your chances of surviving rabies if you catch it are even slimmer. When we were children, we remember being somewhat afraid of the Easter Bunny. An Easter bat sounds much, much worse.

A teenage boy is injured during a fall at an abandoned house in Germantown. Apparently, he was on the roof and tumbled through a skylight. Local police are investigating why he and some friends were on the property. C'mon. That's a no-brainer. A big, empty, spooky-looking house. A couple of boys. That's like cheese to a mouse. So to speak.

A Memphis driver tries to run over a policeman who is attempting to issue him a DUI citation. We've heard of various clever ways to beat the rap on this charge (why, just a few weeks ago, we told about one woman's method of eating ravioli before taking a Breathalyzer), but running over a cop is most assuredly not a very good one.

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