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Three teenagers are charged with using a homemade bomb — apparently a bottle filled with gunpowder — to blow up a portable toilet at a construction site in Eads. They are nabbed when a neighbor's video surveillance system catches them in the act. Police say parts of the toilet are blown more than 300 feet away. They don't say what parts, and we don't want to know.

Despite all the hype, Three 6 Mafia put on a rather clean show at the Memphis In May Music Fest. In fact, the only real problems came from the showbiz veterans. Iggy Pop launches into a typically profanity-laced show, and "a whole lotta shaking going on" takes place during Jerry Lee Lewis' performance — but in front of the stage instead of on it, when rowdy festivalgoers start fighting.

A group of police officers admit they met after hours to arrange illegal shakedowns of drug dealers. The cops told fellow officers they were all going to choir practice. And everyone believed them? Well, the whole "stang" operation, as they called it, fell apart when one of the officers "sang" to federal prosecutors.

Zookeepers have artificially inseminated the panda Ya Ya and are now monitoring her every action to see if she's pregnant. Apparently it's hard to tell, so 24-hour video surveillance will help them determine any changes in what The Commercial Appeal describes as "her usual habits of bamboo eating, sleeping, and relieving herself." Sounds like a nice life.

Acting MLGW president Rick Masson decides that former president Joseph Lee and former vice president Odell Horton won't get severance pay. And taxpayers won't have to pay Lee's legal fees. That's a welcome surprise. Call us jaded, but we had already prepared ourselves to see those things listed as line items on our next utility bill.

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