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The Memphis police department reluctantly admits they have somehow lost track of precisely 62 registered sex offenders. This is rather disturbing news. What was the point of having us — uh, we mean them — fill out all those forms, and making sure they didn't move anywhere near schools, and do all sorts of creepy things, if you can't even keep track of them?

City officials in Munford, a community just north of here, staged a traffic accident at the local high school — complete with students covered in fake blood playing the part of injured or dead victims — so the kids would see for themselves the dangers of reckless or drunk driving. The police chief told reporters, "We hope this does have an impact on them." So to speak.

The good people of West Memphis have started running promotional ads with the tagline: "So Close to Memphis, We Called It West Memphis." The accompanying slogan is: "Think Outside the Bridge." And the illustration just shows an expressway — apparently leading to West Memphis. It seems kind of sad that the only thing they could say about their city is that you can drive to it from another, larger city.

A bizarre custody case involving a golden retriever — formerly owned by a man who died without a will, and each of his divorced parents now wanting the dog — came to a quick end when the judge decreed that the two could share custody of the animal. Was that really so hard? Why can't people work these things out for themselves?

A woman needing a kidney transplant places a classifieds ad in The Commercial Appeal and finds (we hope) a potential donor. Hmmm. If this works out, we may need to add a new category to our own Flyer Market on the Flyer Web site.

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