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When his attorney failed to convince a judge to find him not guilty of robbery, Michael Small punched his lawyer in the mouth. Amazingly, it wasn't a smart move. On top of his robbery sentence, Small was handed an additional 11 months and 29 days in jail for assault.

We give a hand to an Olive Branch resident, who thought it was odd that several people were pushing a rather expensive motorcycle down the street. Why not just ride the thing, he reasoned. He called police, who determined the youths were stealing the bike, which they couldn't get started. No word on whether they were wearing the proper helmets.

So you're putting together your high school's literary magazine and you get the idea to ask a rather famous alumnus to contribute an introduction. And then bestselling author John Grisham, who graduated from Southaven High School in 1973, turns in a complete essay. Grisham's books have, to date, sold more than 60 million copies. The Southaven High Melange has a print run of only 3,000. Hmm. Might want to plan for more.

Just a typical day in East Memphis. Dana Shields is relaxing in her backyard near The Links at Galloway golf course, goes in the house for a minute, and when she comes back out, she notices her beloved pet Fluffy has run off. Or perhaps we should say slithered off. Fluffy, you see, is a five-foot boa constrictor. Yes, we know the things are harmless, but we hope someone finds Fluffy before he gets too puffy — from eating somebody else's pet. Yikes!

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