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Memphis Light, Gas and Water warns customers we can expect at least a $40 hike in our upcoming utility bills to pay for the increased electricity used to run our fans and air conditioners this summer. Funny, isn't it, how this rate hike closely matches the so-called credit we were supposed to get for an overcharge for natural-gas purchases.

A nurse at Charter Lakeside walks into a Renasant Bank in Germantown and hands the teller a note saying she has a knife and wants $20,000. She walks away with some money, but when police pull her over just a few blocks away, she allegedly admits, "I did it" and — as if they needed more proof — is still carrying the hold-up note. Clearly, this is a cry for help. Couldn't she have gotten it where she works?

Area consumers pay special attention to toys after warnings are issued that products made in China may contain dangerously high levels of lead paint. Just a few months ago, pets across the country sickened and died when pet food manufactured in China contained deadly levels of additives. We know you're the fastest-growing economy on the planet, but you're not exactly setting a great example for the rest of the world, China.

The Bartlett parks department uses pictures of coyotes and plastic alligator heads to scare away the waterfowl that flock to the lakes there. Not a bad idea. Maybe Memphis should try it with fake police officers — even fake police cars — to keep all the bad guys at bay. ­­

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