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The University of Memphis Tigers, still smarting from a two-point loss to rivals Ole Miss, hit the road to seek redemption by putting a whuppin' — they hoped — on Arkansas State. Unfortunately, the gods of football have other ideas, because thunderstorms cancel the game. The game is rescheduled for later in September, which means the U of M will have to play three games in 11 days. We just can't catch a break here.

Operators of the Ducks, those amphibious vehicles that have been transporting tourists around town and even into the Mississippi River for years, announce they are ending their stay in Memphis. We never liked getting stuck behind one of these slow-moving things in traffic, but we came to enjoy the weirdness of the whole quacky experience.

Three employees of the Germantown Performing Arts Centre are sacked after they tie rope into loops that resemble a hangman's noose, which is interpreted as a racist threat by one of GPAC's board members. A Ku Klux Klan hood left in a board member's office, yes — definitely a racist symbol. A burning cross on GPAC's front lawn, yes. But a hangman's noose left dangling behind the stage?

Memphis police reach new heights in their battle to solve crime. And we mean that literally. Officers will now climb into a 25-foot-high basket at Beale and Third, which will give them an unobstructed view of pretty much the entire entertainment district. We guess that will give everyone on Beale a nice, safe feeling — until the cops have to take a bathroom break.

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