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The Tennessee Vols travel to Gainesville to play the University of Florida, seeking redemption for their previous two losses to their hated rival. Well, make that three losses. Florida wins 59-20, handing UT coach Phil Fulmer his worst defeat in 20 or so years. We knew the Gators had some bite, but we really didn't expect them to chew their opponents up and spit them out on national television.

The Memphis area has a new annual attraction: the Delta Fair and Music Festival. Held at the Agricenter, this event was a hit, with just one hitch. Fair officials had to fire a clown, after he used "ethnic and racial slurs" to con people into buying tickets to the dunking tank where he was perched. What a bozo — a real one, not the funny-clown kind.

It happens every year, it seems. Three students at Southaven High School are expelled for bringing guns to school. Kids today just don't understand that whole concept of show-and-tell, do they?

Residents of Collierville petition authorities to have their community declared a "quiet zone" because they are annoyed by those pesky trains that roll through their town at all hours — you know, the same trains that have been passing through Collierville since the early 1800s. What's next? Complaints about those noisy FedEx jets?

This seems to be how our city does things: We pay thousands to a consultant to study options for a new football stadium. Then, when they give us their expert opinion, we — in this case, officials in the Herenton administration — decide not to release it, claiming it is filled with errors. Such as the one that disagrees with the administration's take on this whole mess? After people complained, the report will be made available to the City Council.

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