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It's turning into a mighty good year for Mayor Willie Herenton. He got reelected a few weeks ago, and now the City Council has decided to increase his salary by $11,500. In September, council members rejected this plan, but since he'll be with us another four years, perhaps they figured a raise would be a smart move. They sure don't want the mayor to think they are among those "haters" he keeps ranting about.

Gunmen picked the wrong fellow to rob when they tried to hold up a carpenter in Cordova. The victim was building a fence, and when the men told him to "Stick 'em up" he just followed their orders and picked up his pneumatically powered nail gun and started firing. The men ran off, ducking nails the whole way, but were nabbed later. And they were lucky he wasn't using a chainsaw.

A highly acclaimed professor with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center is found guilty of drug trafficking and sentenced to 35 years in prison. Although he will get several months' credit for time served, when he is released he will be deported to his native Italy. The professor's specialty? Pharmacology.

Detectives driving in Frayser notice a man step out of a truck and carefully wipe his fingerprints from the vehicle. Just as they suspected, it turned out the truck was stolen. Sure, cleanliness is next to godliness, but sometimes it's just not very smart.

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