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A Memphis police officer is charged with drug trafficking. What makes this case especially unusual is that the officer was the 2006 Tennessee Narcotics Officer of the Year. Apparently, he misunderstood the point of the award.

A man walks into the Trustmark Bank in Arlington and begins filling out a credit application. About halfway through, maybe he figures there must be an easier way to get some money, and he scribbles a holdup note on the back of the application and hands it to a teller. She hands him some money, and he scampers away.

Trouble is, he left the form where he had helpfully written his name and address. Police pick him up rather quickly. Rule number one for bank robbers: Consider writing the hold-up note before you leave home.

Pinnacle Airlines announces that it is considering leasing part of the vacant 100 North Main Building downtown, formerly the headquarters of Union Planters Bank. From now on, people entering the building will be advised to fasten their seatbelts and put their tray tables in the upright and fastened position.

The Memphis City Council unanimously approves Jerry Collins as the new head of MLGW. Is it just us, or does it seem like none of our utility directors ever have experience in utilities?

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency plans to release some 9,000 trout into local lakes. This really ruins our image of the intrepid trout fisherman: standing in hip-waders in an icy mountain stream, skillfully whipping a fly rod over his head. Now you can sit by a lake and just catch these things with a cane pole.

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