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Thousands of teenyboppers drag their parents to the sold-out Hannah Montana concert at FedExForum. Who on earth is Hannah Montana? Why, she's the sensational superstar daughter of mullet-sporting country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, but Hannah's not her real name, you see. Her real name is Miley Cyrus, and she's in this Disney TV series where she plays a rock star who masquerades as a high school student, and — oh, forget it. We don't understand it either.

Just before the property went on the auction block, Justin Timberlake's family decided to purchase the Big Creek golf course. We think that's a smart move and a wise investment. The Timberlakes certainly can't count on Justin's money. Sure, he can sing and dance and write hit songs and all that, but he's just a flash in the pan. Kinda like Hannah Montana. A golf course near Millington is a much safer bet.

Mid-South Fair officials plan to hear proposals from developers in Tunica, Mississippi, and Marion, Arkansas, who hope the annual event will relocate to their communities. Look, we know the name is "Mid-South," but it would be a real shame if this event left Memphis. Let those folks get their own fairs.

Five men rob a yogurt shop in Bartlett and speed away. There's just one problem: They are driving a bright-orange convertible, which is just about the most conspicuous vehicle they might have chosen, and it shows up on surveillance tapes. All five suspects are quickly arrested. No word on who selected the car for their caper.

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