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Two of our own — Willie Mitchell and Justin Timberlake — brought home Grammy Awards. Mitchell garnered a Trustee's Award for his longtime contributions to the music industry, and Timberlake earned a regular Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. Sure, Elvis may have left the building, but Memphis can still claim plenty of talent.

A double wave of fierce storms and tornadoes swept across the Mid-South last week, bringing death and destruction across a multi-state area. We admit that in the past, we've gotten very irritated when the local television stations preempted our favorite shows to devote full-time coverage to bad weather, but this was certainly one time when we needed it. That was some of the scariest stuff we've seen in years — whether you were watching it on TV, looking out your windows, or — much worse — actually outside during the storms.

In related news, customers feel slighted that the Sears at Hickory Ridge Mall — severely damaged by high winds — reopens but doesn't reduce prices. We've heard of fire sales, but a storm sale? Guess not.

After waiting so long, we finally got a nibble from Bass Pro Shops, and then we thought it was just a matter of reeling them in. But now the potential tenant for the dormant Pyramid says they need another year — and possibly as long as 18 months — before they can reach a final decision. Maybe we should find another fishing hole — namely, the proposal put forth by Ericson & Associates, to convert the facility into a theme park.

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