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The Rant



I will be shocked if former President Jimmy Carter makes it home from Syria alive. Having the gall to compromise the white Christian United States' position of refusing to speak with anyone who does not follow its every dictated rule and traveling to the Middle East to meet and "talk with" Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal is the kind of thing that, you know, well, makes the government get a bit hot under its starched collar, just as it did when Martin Luther King Jr. spoke out against the Vietnam War and took several million people to Washington, D.C., to shut things down until somebody there did something, anything, about people living in poverty. The government didn't like that, and you know what happened to him. Granted, J. Edgar Hoover, the most evil person to have ever walked the face of the earth, is thankfully dead and gone. But his spirit continues to live on through people like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, who I'm sure are scouring the details of Carter's every move, trying to find some way to discredit him because he's unconcerned enough about his penis size to want to sit down and actually talk with someone about a solution to a problem. This is something the current White House administration can't fathom, because there is no money in it for them. Why talk about a problem when you can just spend a trillion dollars bombing it away and make some fast cash in the process for private security companies that turn around and slip a few bills in your pocket for getting the job? I think Bush, the rocket scientist, summed it all up the other day when he took a few minutes away from his vacation on his damn ranch to talk with a reporter and said this about why he has constantly lied about "victory" in Iraq: "That's as much to try and bolster the spirits of the people in the field, as well. You can't have the commander in chief say to a bunch of kids who are sacrificing that either it's not worth it, or you're losing. What does that do for morale?" Yes, he actually said that he wants to bolster the "kids'" spirits by telling them something that is so far from the truth that it borders on science fiction. So now they are just kids over there fighting his war for him. Little, generic, toy people doing his dirty work while he's busy trying to figure out a way to attack just one more country before January 20, 2009, so he can send some more of them into another bloodbath. It's not enough that he and his lynch mob don't even recognize half of the people in the Middle East as human beings with families and lives (well, they used to have lives); now, he has to lie to the "kids" who are dying every day because the only way he could prove he had a big penis after 9/11 was to go after a mean old bogeyman who had his hands a little too tight around the oil barrels and a little too close to some weapons that didn't exist. But I digress. I hope Jimmy Carter is watching his back. He is taking the bold step of having a "conversation" with someone who doesn't agree with United States policy, and that has proven to be a major no-no. Jimmy, if you see Condoleezza Rice shadowing you and whispering into her watch, you know you have a problem. You are going over there and jeopardizing our Texas Tea and the Great American Way of isolating anyone who looks at us funny, and if you think they have tried to portray you as a trouble-making nut before now, this will give them enough ammo that they just might want to step up their wiretapping program to include you — if, for some strange reason, they haven't done so already. Your cross to bear seems to be wanting to see the world live in peace, and it's just a matter of time before Bush & Company burns it. How dare you go over to Syria and sit down and "talk" with these people about "their" views on "their" own country? That is just not the way the American world turns.

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