The Sketchbook Project Stops In Crosstown 

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The Sketchbook Project, a traveling, crowd-sourced exhibition of handmade books, stopped in Crosstown on Thursday afternoon.
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The Sketchbook Project's mobile library allows people to "check out" handmade sketchbook. As their website says, "It's like a taco truck but with sketchbooks."
First, you get a library card!
Next, you select a book based on your interests. You can choose from things like "profession," "color," or "local."
Two librarians staff the truck and help people check out books.
They also had t-shirts, tote bags, erasers, and buttons for sale. Patrons could even sign up to submit their own sketchbook for next year's tour.
First, I chose "local," and my librarian handed me a sketchbook made in Bartlett.
The book from Bartlett (the only local one on the truck) was about quilting and old barns.
With each checkout, patrons are also given one random book that isn't about their area of interest. This book of black-and-white photos was handed to me.
When I selected "media" as my area of interest, I was handed this booklet.
The Sketchbook Project set up picnic tables in the Crosstown Arts parking lot on Cleveland for patrons to sit and enjoy the sketchbooks.
First, you get a library card!

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