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What They Said (June 25, 2015) ...

Letters and Comments from Flyer readers — Pool fashion, the Big Muddy, Les Smith and Rachel Dolezal, Wendi C. Thomas, body shaming.

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  • Greg Cravens

About Susan Wilson's Last Word column, "Fashion Backward" ...

This was fabulous! As a mother of three (yes, three!) teenagers who wouldn't know a fashion statement if it hit her, I can completely relate.

Jen W.

Oh puhlease. I shopped at Banana Republic plenty when I was a size 12 and pushing 14. Some of the employees were bigger than me. They don't shun bigger gals.


Nobody: It's called humor — H-U-M-O-R — something you seem to be lacking.

Pamela Cates

I find it best to wear anything that does not attract harpoons.


About Toby Sells' cover story, "Embracing the Big Muddy" ...

Wow, what a great issue, especially the wonderful story and pictures about Toby Sells' paddle down the Mighty Mississippi. Seriously, it motivated me. I'm going to go buy a kayak this weekend and get out there and explore our "Himalayas." Or at least our sandbars.


The moniker "Big Muddy" belongs to the Missouri River (the 150-odd mile Big Muddy River of Illinois notwithstanding).

C.L. Hartsfield

About Les Smith's column, "Passing for Black" ...

I think Rachel Dolezal is an opportunist. If two percent of the population in her city is black, are her job opportunities better in the two-percent pool or the 98-percent pool, especially considering hiring quotas?

She is also wacky, given the staged acts of discrimination she alleged. But she also said she was (part) Native American — which her parents deny. She said she felt isolated and unwelcome in "white" Mississippi, which is probably 50 percent black. But she obviously felt comfortable in Spokane's 98 percent white population, since she's lived there for 10 years.

Jenna C'est Quoi

She appears to be a nutjob. Aside from the comic relief value and perhaps more reflection on birth privilege, this story should have faded long ago.


Les Smith makes more sense on this subject than all of the national "talking heads" put together. Memphis is so fortunate he shares his voice with us in the Flyer.

Mark Jones

About Wendi C. Thomas' column, "Black Lives Matter" ...

There are variations on the "do these three things to escape poverty" theme that have been around for years, but they all include a version of this:

1. Finish high school (at a minimum).

2. Wait until age 20 to have children.

3. Marry before you have any children.

I certainly agree that all those government-supplied things make folks a lot more comfortable. The issue is: Have we gone too far, and instead of helping people out of poverty, have we just made them comfortable enough that they choose to stay in it? I am not at all sure I believe every poor person wants to escape. Or maybe they would like to escape, but escaping takes more effort than they are willing to give.

Arlington Pop

About Bruce VanWyngarden's Letter From the Editor, "Strike Up the Brand" ...

Re Chris Christie: Body shaming? Really? Good thing no one around here is fat.

Frank in Midtown

So tell me which socio-political group has PC policies related to "body shaming." I'm perfectly okay with it, but it's always good to know who considers you to be a boor and whether it matters. If I must look at a candidate whose politics I dislike, I prefer that he at least goes easy on my eyes. It's not like any of them has an intellectually taxing or time-intensive job that precludes spending some time working out.

A handsome nitwit could replace almost any of them. And for a few, that would be redundant.

Brunetto Latini

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