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What They Said ... (May 14, 2015)

Elton John’s glasses, Grizzlies crowds, Les Smith on Baltimore, smart meters, and city council lunches.

  • Greg Cravens

About Toby Sells' post, "Man Indicted in Theft of Elton John's Glasses" ...

What a stupid thing to go to jail for.


"So," his new friends ask, "whattya in for?"

"I stole Elton John's glasses."


"You're my tiny dancer now, bitch."

Dave Clancy

About Jen Clarke's Viewpoint, "Sit! Stay!" urging Griz fans to stay to the end of games ...

As a season ticket holder, I don't think crowds leaving early is that big of an issue. The bigger issue is the late arrivers. The arena isn't full until almost the 2nd quarter.


I couldn't disagree more. The Grizzlies, like every other NBA team, are a business. We enter into a business contract when we pay to enter FedExForum; they don't let me in to be nice. Because I'm paying for their entertainment, I'm free to leave whenever I'm satisfactorily entertained. It has nothing to do with the Griz's "due" or doing them "the honor."


I concur with the author. Daniel, do us all a favor and let someone else have your ticket — someone like a real Griz fan.


About Les Smith's column, "Lives That Matter" ...

Freddie Gray's prior record is irrelevant. Nobody deserves to die for making eye contact with the police and running away. And that is what happened to Freddie Gray.

Our society does not rise and fall based on how we treat the best of us. It rises and falls on how we treat the least of us.


About Toby Sells' post, "MLGW Approves $240 Million Smart Meter Purchase" ...

MLGW is trying to sound benevolent and caring but there is an ulterior motive: Once they have the majority of homes converted, you will start seeing MLGW charge different rates depending on the time of day. As it is now, they can only see how much usage you have each month. But the smart meter will show your usage all day every day. Be prepared to pay more for energy usage between the hours of 3 to 10 p.m. (for example). Sure they will try to justify this by having cheaper usage after midnight, but who is going to do all their daily chores after midnight? This is nothing more than a money grab by MLGW.


We used the smart meters in Southern California, before I moved to Memphis. After the meters were installed, everyone I know, including me, had lower utility bills. I think this is a great idea.


If they try to install one on my home, I will put up a refraction metal sheet plate against the wall, so that the meter will send all my info to a neighbor's meter, giving me no reading at all.


The sooner they do this the better. I don't like having to put my dogs in the house so someone can intrude in the sovereign nation that is my backyard. Both my dogs are of Moorish ancestry.


And where is MLGW getting the money for all these? The United Nations, of course! This is an Illuminati plot.


About Toby Sells' post, "Memphis City Council Wants Lunch" ...

Adjust the schedule and allow an hour for lunch for everyone. Taxpayers should not be paying for council members/staff lunches. And cut the travel allowance in half. Sign up for webinars instead of hitting the road.

It disgusts me that these issues are coming up again when this city's budget is so tight. Most council members have a full-time job in addition to the part-time pay they get for sitting on the council — part-time pay that is more than what a lot of their constituents make in a year.

Pamela Cate

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