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About the lineup of the 2008 Beale Street Music Fest:

"I can't recall a time where I was actually excited for Memphis In May, which is disappointing since my birthday is in May. The bookers of this slop fest continue to put on washed up acts (Arrested Development, Jerry Lee Lewis, Joan Jett), predictable acts (Flyleaf, Disturbed, Project Pat, Finger Eleven), and then try to cover it all up with star "names" (Aretha Franklin, Michael McDonald)." — BrianM

About Joe Conason's "Rant" about Ralph Nader once again running for president: "It's much easier to slag the one candidate interested in social justice and the plight of the working class than to examine why a so-called 'major' political party has won only three presidential elections in the last 40 years — one gift-wrapped because of Watergate, and the other two because of Perot." — Stork About "Are Memphis Grizzlies the NBA's Washington Generals?" by NBA blogger Craig Kwasniewski: "This is not just about the Grizzlies. This is about Memphis and how Memphis always gets the suckiest, no matter what. The Grizzlies are a total joke. Now this town is going to get stuck with the mortgage on the FedEx Forum when the owners pay out and walk." — Rantboy

Comment of the Week: About "Goodbye and Good Luck" on the future careers of basketball Tigers Joey Dorsey and Andre Allen. Writer Frank Murtaugh predicted, "Neither player will make a living in the NBA.": "You need to get over having your lunch money taken from you at school when you were a little boy. You are obviously holding a grudge from some pounding as a child. Goodbye, and good luck." — 38103

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