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About "Past and Present," where John Branston discusses "the dubious merits of being America's civil rights city":

"To stop being stuck in 1968 is to move on. Sure there are a lot of things that have happened in this country that [were] wrong, or that hurt others. But at some point, you just move on. Not forgetting, but not letting it consume you and others." — southernman

"A better question would be, 'Is America still stuck in 1968?' For all Memphis' faults, this city has to deal with race in a real way that most cities don't have to do. People elsewhere in this state and country can simply ignore the subject if they choose. We can't, for good or bad." — Packrat

About "Cinderella Don't Do Tats," an analysis of the Memphis Tigers' so-called Cinderella season and even the tattoos worn by some players — an article that some readers apparently thought was: 1) negative, and 2) written by Frank Murtaugh:

"Calling Frank Murtaugh 'anti-Tiger' is like calling Santa Claus anti-Christmas. The man loves the Tigers. And this article is POSITIVE regarding the Tigers. How clueless can you possibly be, anyway?" — wino

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the Week: About "Who Is This Man, and Why Is He, er, Steve Cohen Smiling?" where Jackson Baker reports that Joe Towns Jr. seems to be running for office in two different congressional districts:

"You have to love these politicians who have their names up for multiple offices. Vote early and vote often." — tomguleff

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