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About "Katrina Funds Misused in Mississippi" :

"This is what happens when people who don't believe in government are put in charge of it." — autoegocrat

About "The Ninth District Debate: 'Who Is Who and What Is Not'," by Jackson Baker:

"After watching Nikki Tinker last night, I wouldn't let her represent me in traffic court!" — toast

About "The Mystery Man of the Trustee's Race," Jackson Baker's column on the impressive number of billboards for M. LaTroy Williams:

"I bet it is that vast right-wing conspiracy that is funding those signs." — tomguleff

About "Banned in Memphis: The Dark Days of Lloyd T. Binford," by Michael Finger:

"We need to remember these things (censorship and who does it). No wonder Time magazine called us a backwater river town." — kkellis

Comments of the Week:

About "Mad as Hell: Should McCain Sport a Scarlet Letter?" by Cheri DelBrocco:

"I'll see your Newt Gingrich and raise you a Larry Craig." — rantboy

"I DON'T want to see your Newt. I definitely don't want to see you raise Larry Craig." — ole miss

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