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About "Rep. Kernell, Waiting Out His Son's Fate, Soldiers on for Reelection," by Jackson Baker:

"'Too many Cooks will spoil the legislature!' It can't possibly be as bad as what too many Fords has done to the legislature." — Calvin

About "Debate Number Three: It's All in the Vantage Point," by Jackson Baker:

"I think 'Joe the Plant' is more like it. Ole Joe the Plumber is ... not a licensed plumber, does not make $250,000 a year, has no firm plans to buy his boss' business ... has only talked about it, and his voter's registration is under a different spelling of his name." — midtowngrl 

About "Practice Nonviolence and Fashion Sense This Weekend":

"I expect all of you to get over to CBU and attend this non-violence program. If you don't, I will personally beat the hell out of you!!" — MrKite

About "Bianca Knows Best — and Helps a Potential Stripper," by Bianca Phillips:

"Can't she get a job as one of those nakey chicks you vegans like to eat tofu off of?" — toast

Comment of the Week:

About "Gays, Cows, Hillary, and Abortions," regarding a TV commercial for Mississippi senatorial candidate Roger Wicker:

"Nothing like good old-fashioned hate to win an election." — clint

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