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About "Facing Financial Peril, Lambuth University Looking for a Way Out of the Crunch," by Jackson Baker:

"I don't know how you can run an institution of higher learning on just 815 students. That wouldn't pay the salary of the president at many colleges." — Jeff

About "Abroad With Cher," a photo exhibit featuring a Cher doll posed at various locations around the world, by Susan Ellis:

"I realize people are desperate for money, but for you to be a Cher fan I find it hard to believe you would want to profit from her fame. ... Albeit not an original idea, I think the experiences you had with it are kinda funny." — The Cher Fan

About "Mandarin, Anyone," by John Branston:

"What have you got against Arabic in particular? If you don't care for it, don't bother learning it." — stork

About "Commissioner Mulroy Honored for Reform Efforts":

"Typical — debate avoidance via demonization. THAT is a tactic of the tinfoil-hat-wearing crowd. People do need to wake up. Most of them don't understand what [instant run-off voting] is. IRV is not reform — it's regression." — dmirth

Comment of the Week:

About "What's That Smell: River and Harbor Users Would Like to Know," by John Branston:

"It's instant runoff from City Hall." — Jeff

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