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About "The Exploits of Blagoman!" by Marty Aussenberg:

"My favorite outlaws were Robert LeRoy Parker and Harry Longabough. The Feds should have let Blago actually SELL the Senate seat before swooping down on him. Too quick on the trigger." — packrat

About "Dying Breed," Greg Akers' review of the Clint Eastwood film Gran Torino:

"For people like me with their outdated notions of skin privilege and never-ending economic growth, fun time is over and so is the luxury of believing in myths like the peace-making cowboy. Gran Torino is the sequel to Unforgiven, the necessarily final Western. Will the last honky to quit groping the American Dream please leave the lights on for the Hmong?" — stork

About Bruce VanWyngarden's "Letter from the Editor" urging the creation of a public works program:

"There may be a sucker born every minute, but we've reached the point where there are more suckers than dollars. Economists call this state a depression. I call it insanity." — jeff

Comment of the Week:

About "Eight Is Enough: The Top Media Moments in Memphis in 2008," by Chris Davis:

"Think wise ... Andy Wise. Yeah, Andy is god. I said it."

— billbaggon

"Andy Wise is Satan."

— toast

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